Get the Book: High Sobriety
Read and learn about the resources and techniques I've used to clear the past, flame smoldering superpowers, and unearth a carefully calibrated inner compass.

It may just propel you beyond the common mind-numbing, grab-and-go escapes and help you hone in on the essential gifts and birthrights we all possess. 

WARNING: Side effects include heightened intuition, crystal clarity, dimension skipping, limitless freedom, joy and jubilant health.

Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving
Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving provides a backstage pass to jaw-dropping journeys as each author shares life-shattering traumas that led to remarkable transformations that will inspire you to live your life with greater alignment, meaning, and purpose.

In Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving, you will meet an incredible group of people from across the globe who found inner strength and positively impacted the lives of those around them after experiencing a harrowing life challenge.

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